Change the Game: VR Charity Challenge episode 4 recap

At the end of this final episode, one team will walk away with $100,000 for its charity.

Sohinki and Chilled Chaos both took five hits in the western VR shooter “Dead and Buried”. As the timer approached zero, both players tried desperately to score a few more points in the final seconds. In the end, Sohinki’s superior shooting earned team Take This the win with a score of seven to team Stack Up’s six. Thanks to Sohinki, the series was tied once again.

The final game was more physically demanding than all the previous games. In the VR boxing game “Rise to Glory”, two players donned the padded gloves and slugged it out for 10 rounds on stage.

To no one’s surprise, Magnus Beasticus stepped in the ring for team Stack Up. Lemming, a professional VR gamer, master of some of the best VR headsets, rose to the challenge for team Take This.

But no competition would be complete without the “Wheel of Misfortune”. To Lemming’s dismay, Take This received the crippling “One hand behind back” handicap. On the other side, Stack Up received the modest “wrist weights”, which the tankish Magnus happily wore.

When the bell rung, neither side managed to knock down their opponents in the first few rounds. In round three, Lemming was the first to score a K.O. against Magnus using just one hand. Magnus soon got his revenge a couple rounds later, knocking out Lemming cold on the ground. By the time they reached the 7th round, Lemming was up 2-1 against Magnus. With only three more rounds to go, both players were feeling the heat.

Round 8 saw Lemming score a quick, clean blow to Magnus’ face. And though Magnus landed a few deadly jabs to Lemming’s abs, he was unable to secure the win against Lemming’s overwhelming one-arm force.

When the headset came off, Team Take This was crowned the winner and grabbed the $100,000 prize for its charity. After a quick moment with her team, however, team captain Pamela Horton announced that her team wished to split the prize evenly between the two charities. The competition concluded with both Stack Up and Take This getting $50,000 each, which will be put towards helping gamers with mental health challenges.

If all this VR talk is getting you hyped for VR gaming, the Oculus Rift is on sale for $349 until December 24th. All the games played in this tournament are also available on Steam.