Change the Game: VR Charity Challenge episode 3 recap

The last episode left off with ST Peach and Misses Mae confronting their fears in the VR horror game “Face Your Fears," available for some of the best VR headsets. Their reactions were carefully evaluated by a panel of judges offscreen, and the one who was less afraid would be named the winner.

Although both contestants were screaming at the top of their lungs, the judges concluded that Misses Mae held her composure better than ST Peach. With that decision, Team Take This ties the match with 1,000 points.

While the teams steeled themselves for the next VR game, Stephen Machuga, founder and CEO of the Stack Up charity, was invited on stage to talk about how Stack Up helps veterans and soldiers suffering from combat stress through video games.

As a veteran himself, Stephen understands all too well the troubles soldiers face post-service. After returning from his two-year deployment, Stephen had issues reconnecting with being back home. Video games played an enormous role in helping him re-adjust to civilian life.

Ever since its establishment, Stack Up has hosted over 253 community events and supported over 23,664 veterans. It has done so through four key programs.

Stack Up’s Air Assault program sends select veterans to their favorite gaming conventions, immersing them in activities they enjoy and creating cherishable memories. Gaming conventions are the best outlet to engage in group events and connect with other gamers. Stack Up has sent veterans to ComicCon, E3, TwitchCon, and more. If you know someone who’s eligible, you can sign them up for consideration here.

Stack Up not only has programs that help returning veterans, but deployed soldiers as well. Its Supply Crates program provides personnel in combat zones, humanitarian missions, and recovering vets with high-quality gaming gear. These gaming equipment are perfect to help soldiers relax in their downtime. Studies have proven that video games have positive effects on people dealing with PTSD, depression, stress, and even pain.

Those who need immediate support can contact a certified crisis management volunteer through Stack Up’s StOP initiative. The volunteers, also known as the StOP Squad, are ready to assist anyone in need of mental health information, therapeutic resources, or just a buddy to listen to. The only requirement is a free Discord account.

Volunteers wanting to contribute to the cause can join The Stack. Stack members help extend Stack Up’s mission by hosting events to help the troops. Stack activities range from anything as simple as getting their group together to have coffee, all the way to things as complex as a golf tournament fundraiser, and everything in between. Currently, there are Stack locations scattered all around the world, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Submit your application here!

Stephen’s words gave team Stack Up a healthy dose of morale - and it was much needed for the next challenge.

The wild-west VR shooter “Dead and Buried” pitted the two teams against one another in an old-fashioned western duel. Austen Marie immediately jumped the gun and nominated herself to represent team Stack Up. Panser, eager to see action, became the gunslinger for team Take This.

Like the round before, the two team captains had to spin the “Wheel of Misfortune”. Stack Up received the troublesome “start turned around” modifier, which meant that Austen must start with her back turned against Panser. Take This, owing to its good fortune, only rolled “on your knees”.

Despite her handicap, Austen bested Panser in the first duel. Unfazed, Panser quickly evened the score in the second duel. In the third duel, Austen’s swift reload helped her secure another win. And while the fourth duel was a close call, Austen once again stood victorious.

With this victory, Stack Up grabbed another 1,000 points and gained back the lead.

The challenge wasn’t done, however, as Chilled Chaos and Sohinki were chosen to shoot it out in a classic western saloon. The players with the higher kill count at the end of the three minute round would be named the winner. Chilled Chaos demonstrated great dexterity by dodging left and right, even crawling on the floor to dodge incoming fire. Sohinki, on the other hand, smartly used the numerous types of weapons lying about.

The battle was fierce, and both players scored five kills apiece as the timer crept into the final seconds. Find out who will emerge as the last man standing on the next episode. Continue to catch the action on Oculus Facebook, Oculus YouTube, Oculus Rift Facebook, and VR League Facebook.