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Capcom is charging $1500 for Chris Redfield's boring Resident Evil Village coat

Chris Redfield
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village isn't even out, and we've already seen a flood of impressive fan-art and cosplay of the internet's favourite giant lady. Spare a thought for the Chris Redfield fans, then, who now have to decide whether they want to spend a couple months' rent on a game-accurate woolen coat.

As spotted by Kotaku, Capcom is currently offering Japanese fans of Resident Evil a replica Redfield coat for ¥159,731 (roughly $1,539). Available alone or as part of two separate collectors editions and comes in four sizes: medium, large, extra-large, and a lore-accurate "Original Model" for anyone with the colossal, broad-shouldered physique of a videogame action hero. This version, the description reads, is based on the actual coat Capcom scanned into the game.

Resident Evil jacket

Yeah, iconic.  (Image credit: Capcom)

Now, I'm no menswear expert, but it seems like a bit much for a kinda boring coat. While a lack of buttons will help show off your bulging pecs, it seems a nuisance for keeping yourself warm. Granted, this isn't the most expensive tie-in jacket Capcom have sold—that honour goes to an $8000 Devil May Cry trenchcoat. Still, there'd be no confusing that for a cheap coat off the high street. Even those naff Assassin's Creed hoodies had a bit of personality to 'em

Resident Evil Village is set to arrive on May 7th over on Steam. PS5 players have already been poking around in a limited "Maiden" demo, set to arrive on all platforms later this Spring, and we've got the rundown of everything you need to know before release.