Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets sniper-only One Shot mode

COD One Shot

I'm reliably informed by multiplayer shooter fans that snipers tend to ruin everything, the jerks, unless you're playing as a sniper in which case everything is totally balanced and fine. If you want fewer snipers picking you off from a distance in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you'll be pleased to hear of a new mode that's just been added to the game. It's called One Shot, it's for snipers only, and Sledgehammer have roped in Call of Duty pro player NaDeSHoT to help them design it. You should find that it's been automagically added to Advanced Warfare's multiplayer, and while you search for a match I'll go into it in more detail below.

As explained on Sledgehammer's blog, One Shot is "a brand new snipers-only game mode with decreased health and highly specific classes. Each of the five classes have been custom designed by our development team and OpTic NaDeSHoT, to test the true sniper skill of Advanced Warfare in this new custom mode. Each class features the MORS, a bolt-action railgun sniper, along with a variety of perks, Scorestreaks, and Exo abilities". One thing it doesn't feature, however, is the option to carry a sidearm.

Those classes comprise Hard Scope, Zoomed, 4X, Ace and Irons, and you can see pictures of their loadouts below. To celebrate the occasion, and as a belated/extremely early Christmas present, Sledgehammer have also doubled XP gain for this weekend, just so long as you're playing in the new mode.






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