Brian Blessed gets excited about voice acting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance cutscene teaser

A new Kingdom Come: Deliverance video diary showcases acclaimed English actor Brian Blessed belting out cut scene dialogue with true gusto, and also enthusing about the game's "brilliant" script. 

"It's based on history, and it's exciting, and educational," Blessed said in the video. "I think you've got something new and original. The thing is, the script is brilliant. It's well written, and it is written in English in rather a classical style, because of history."

Tom McKay also appears in the video and seems equally excited about it, something he attributes primarily to the commitment of developer Warhorse Studios. "Henry particularly is a character I feel very passionate about, and I think that's mostly because of the passion for this world, and these characters, in the heads of the creators," he said. 

"They know the world inside-out, they know the history of certainly the Czech Republic, and Prague specifically, much better than I do, clearly, and they have a real fire in their belly for that, for those characters and that world. It's a very human, three-dimensional, credible story, and that's what got me excited about it." 

That's all a reference to the fact that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a "realistic" RPG, set in a relatively small area of central Europe in the 15th century. There are no dragons or mages flinging fireballs; instead, as we noted in our preview from last year, the world will be relatively mundane in nature, although not without complexity or consequences. 

The video is based entirely around cutscenes, but even so it's remarkable how far Kingdom Come: Deliverance appears to have come since we first looked at it three years ago, although even then what we saw had us "cautiously optimistic—bordering on stupidly excited." I don't know if I'm that far along the path of anticipation, but I'm definitely looking forward to trying it.   

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is expected to come out later this year. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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