Blizzard working on official DOTA, Left 4 Dead clones for Starcraft II

Kerrigan versus an angry Murloc. The Blademaster versus Sylvanas. All of this is now possible with the forthcoming Blizzard DOTA, that's been revealed and is playable, at Blizzcon. It follows the same template as traditional DOTA games, with teams of five heroes hiding behind hordes of automated armies, beating up towers. Heroes then level up, and buy new abilities and items.

They've also revealed Left 2 Die - a co-op version of the zombie defense mission in the Starcraft II single player campaign.

Blizzard have described Blizzard DOTA as "like Super Smash Brothers for Blizzard games", a fun place that can provide "a fun change of place".

Both maps were created entirely in the Starcraft II editor, and will be available to download, for free, soon.

We'll be posting full impressions of both maps shortly.