Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC erupts on PC next month

Maybe I'm too much of a pacifist to understand but, even in the most urgent combat situation, I think I'd abandon my post pretty quickly if a goddamn volcano erupted in the combat zone. It's fortunate for fans of fast-paced FPS multiplayer that the soldiers of Blops 2 are calm professionals/committed psychopaths, because that's exactly the situation you'll face in the Magma map of the upcoming Uprising DLC pack, now dated for a May 16th release on PC.

The pack also includes Encore, set in a deserted London music festival; Vertigo, a futuristic sky scraper with perilous jumps and long drops; and Studio, a Hollywood back lot, featuring medieval castles and Western saloons. Then there's the previously trailered Mob of the Dead, the Alcatraz set zombie map featuring Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen and Ray "was in Revolver yet is still given work for some reason" Liotta.

You can watch the DLC's developers tour the new maps in the video below:

Phil Savage

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