Bioshock Infinite tweaks let you skip intro videos, increase FOV and adjust sensitivity

38 seconds! That's how long it takes for Bioshock Infinite to play its plethora of unskippable [Edit: At least, unskippable on its first launch] introductory splash videos and let you into the game. I know it's 38 seconds because I measured the level of bruising incurred by repeatedly hammering the escape key in a desperate, but ultimately futile, attempt to get to the bit where I shoot a man with some crows. Then I remembered my phone had a stopwatch. Now I feel a bit stupid and my finger hurts.

Luckily, you can avoid my mistakes thanks to the clever folks at PCGamingWiki , who offer up a selection of .ini file tweaks that can not only skip that long intro wait, but also increase the FOV range and mouse sensitivity options.

For all the tweaks, you'll need to first find the config folder. It's hidden away here:

%USERPROFILE%My DocumentsMy GamesBioShock InfiniteXGameConfig

Disable Intro Videos:

Find XEngine.ini in the config folder, and change:










Increase FOV Range:

Bioshock Infinite's FOV slider currently only offers a 15 degree range. A fix is incoming , which should offer a much increased display, but you can get the same results by tweaking a value in the config folder's XUserOptions.ini.

Locate the line: MaxUserFOVOffsetPercent=15.000000 , and change the value to 100. Alternatively, if you want an FOV setting of 90, set the value at 28.5 and increase the in-game slider to its maximum.

Adjust Mouse Sensitivity

If you'd like some finer control over the lowest settings of the in-game mouse speed, you can easily change the option menu's slider range. Again, you want XUserOptions.ini for this one.

Search for the lines: MinMouseLookSensitivity=0.100000 and MaxMouseLookSensitivity=4.000000 . Change the Min value to 0.05, and the Max one to somewhere between 0.5 and 1. Again, this is purely for those wanting a finer spectrum over the lower range of mouse speed. If you prefer a twitch shooting style, you can happily skip this tweak.

Finally, as previously noted , you can unlock 1999 Mode from the very start with a keyboard modified version of the Konami code. Just enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter at the main menu. I'm assured that 1999 Mode doesn't just replace the soundtrack with an endless loop of Ricky Martin's Livin' la Vida Loca. That would be awful.

Enable Multiple Save-game Slots

Infinite's saving system defaults astonishingly to only one slot, and that throws an electric-charged wrench into the prospect of keeping several playthroughs at once with different power combinations and choice outcomes.

Luckily, GameFront figured out, with a little file finagling, how to swap around multiple saved games whenever you need them. The process is somewhat clunky, but it gets the job done:

1. Make sure Steam cloud synchronization is disabled.

2. Make a backup of your BioShock Infinite “savedata” directory. It should be located here: ..Steamuserdata[your Steam ID]8870remotesavedata

3. Create as many subfolders as you want within this directory. Assume that each of them contains a save game.

4. Simply move the contents of the “savedata” directory into the corresponding subfolder whenever you or anyone else wants to start a new game.

5. When you start a new game, a new save file for that game will be automatically created within the main “savedata” directory.

6. When you want to switch playthroughs, first move the current file in the “savegame” directory into a sub-folder for safekeeping (remember to name the sub-folders so you remember which is which). Secondly, move the playthrough you'd like to load from its sub-folder into the main “savegame” directory, which will enable you to continue from that file.

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