Biomutant's overzealous narrator can be muted if he gets on your nerves

I was so taken by my demonstration of Biomutant at Gamescom that I didn't pay its excitable narrator much mind. Having watched this trailer back just now, I can however see how his at times overzealous cheerleading could get on some people's nerves. If you're one of those folk, you'll be pleased to know developer Experiment 101 feels your pain.

Speaking to Eurogamer at PAX West, studio head Stefan Ljungqvist explains that while the game's narration can be turned down in the settings, it also scales with how long you've been playing the game. 

"Each session, the conversation that's dynamic decreases," Ljungqvist tells EG. "So if you play one hour and start your second hour on the same session, we decrease the frequency. If you play 10 hours of the game, the default frequency gets lower and lower. You also have a scaler for how frequent you want it. It scales with your session time, and it scales with your total play time, and you also have a slider."

Ljungqvist adds that the narrator cannot however be turned off entirely, as a result of his ties to Biomutant's overarching narrative. 

He adds: "He's contextual to combat scenarios, but also to the world. So for example, if you go into a new avenue, he will narrate that. He'll start talking about the world around you and where you are at that moment. He also narrates what the other characters say, because they speak mumbo-jumbo."

Biomutant is due at some point next year.