Beyond Good & Evil 2's creator suggests re-announcement could happen in the next year

And now it's time for our semi-regular feature: let's all close our eyes and hope really hard that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is going to happen some day, despite the lack of firm confirmation or evidence to suggest that it will. It worked for Mirror's Edge 2 dammit, it can work for this - and series creator Michael Ancel is only too happy to fuel our optimism. This time, he's suggesting the game could be re-announced in the next year.

"We need to build the team and retrieve the elements that we worked on," Ancel said in an interview with Eurogamer . "I don't want to say things in terms of time that will make people disappointed - it will really depend on the speed that we will make things for that game.

"We've made a lot of things already. Now we need to put them together and make that game. If there would be any communication it will be in the next year, just trying to talk about the fact we are on it. But so many people in Ubisoft want to make that game, honestly.

"It was not the time when we worked on it before, it was too ambitious, honestly. And this is the game that we want to do at the right time. So now that we have the right team and the right tools, this would be a good time to do it."

To recap: Ancel still needs to build a team, retrieve elements, and says this would be a good time. If there is a reason to believe that this time really will be BG&E2's moment, it's that we're about to tick into a new round of consoles - giving what Ancel admits were over-ambitious plans the tech they need to be realised.

"In Beyond Good & Evil 1 at first it was a full planet, you could go to the North Pole and see the eternal day," he said. "But we had to limit it as we were only 35 people. We couldn't fill the whole world with all the things we wanted. We were frustrated at the end of BG&E1, and when we started the sequel we started again with this idea - you're free and can investigate and travel the world as much as you want."

On the otherside of this long-spinning coin, there's a potential roadblock: management. "They [the Ubisoft bosses] have done really well with the different games that are coming out right now and the ones they've already released," Ancel said. "They're in a good place in terms of the business, and it could be very interesting to make a game like that as there aren't too many games out there right now that would be like ours. So I think it's the right time and I'm confident that they will follow the team."

Phil Savage

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