Bethesda: Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be revealed until it's ready to release

It’s been five years since Skyrim released, and every passing year makes fans of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls RPG series a little more rabid for the next installment. But unlike Skyrim, Bethesda’s vice president Pete Hines says Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be teased and hyped for long. Instead, it will be a surprise much like Fallout 4, which was announced in early summer and released in fall of the same year.

“The motivation came from both sides,” Hines tells PC Gamer. “Anything we want to do from a PR-marketing perspective always has implications on the devs, right? Whether that’s trying to capture video or trying to put together a demo: it’s an additional ask above and beyond just working on the game.” 

Instead of stopping to make a shiny new demo build a few times a year to build five years of hype, the team will just stick to making the game.

“You’re not going to be hearing first details on [Elder Scrolls 6] years before the game comes out, absolutely not,” Hines says. The only reason they’ve confirmed that Elder Scrolls 6 will ever exist is because Hines “selfishly” was tired of getting asked about it all the time. “It’s not the next thing we’re doing nor the thing we’re even doing after that.”