The best Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods

best Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods
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Looking for the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods to improve your experience in Midgar? Since the launch of the remake in December, modders have been busy finding ways to improve or simply change the way the game looks and feels. And while Square Enix's engine doesn't allow for extensive alterations, there's still some fun to be had.

So if you're ready to change Cloud's hair colour, add more materia slots to your gear, or just generally tweak your cosmetic experience, this guide will help you get your desired results. Here are the best Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods.

The best Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods 

Purple Dress Tifa (opens in new tab)
As the name suggests, this mod puts Tifa in the purple dress for most of the game. She usually wears this dress for a short time during one mission later in the game, assuming you chose the 'mature' option (opens in new tab) early on. The silver dress (sporty) is here (opens in new tab), and you can find the exotic dress here (opens in new tab).

FFVIIHook (opens in new tab)
This mod unlocks the dev console, letting you get rid of dynamic resolution, which attempts to keep the frame rate stable by adjusting performance during busy scenes. It's a solution that can help out lower-end PCs, but it doesn't do much for anyone else.

Equipment Rebalance - Increased Materia Slots (opens in new tab)
This mod adds an additional materia slot to all weapons, giving them a new cap of seven slots. Most armour also gains an extra pair of linked materia slots. In addition, this mod also adjusts some of the stat balancing on gear, giving armour more defense.

Gorgeous Dress Cloud (opens in new tab)
I couldn't possibly leave this one out of a FF7R mods list. This one puts Cloud in his Gorgeous Dress for the entire playthrough (opens in new tab)—cutscenes and battles included. Bonus points if you can keep a straight face during some of the more serious moments.

Sexy Dress Aerith (opens in new tab)
Like the Tifa mod above, this one gives Aerith her red dress for the whole game, even during battles. The variants are also available for the Cheap Dress (opens in new tab) and the Ordinary Dress (opens in new tab).

Advent Reshade - HDR FX (opens in new tab)
This mod adds HDR lighting effects to Final Fantasy 7 Remake without having to sacrifice too much in the way of performance. Whether you choose to use this depends on personal preference, but if you think the game looks at all washed out, this mod should help brighten up those colours.

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