Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is out tomorrow, so here's a launch trailer

Battlefleet gothic top

The time is nearly at hand: there is only one day left until we can smash ludicrously overdeveloped spaceships together in the promising Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. But what if you're suffering from (strangely localised) memory loss, and you've forgotten what Battlefleet Gothic is all about? You, my friend, need to get a load of the launch trailer, which offers a nice overview of the campy, super-serious premise of this latest Warhammer game. Here's an even shorter overview: cathedrals, but they're spaceships, oh and they explode each other with giant lasers. This all looks very mad and fun indeed.

As the team behind the game notes in the accompanying Steam announcement, there's additional content available for people who have pre-ordered the game, or who will buy it within its first two months—a smart way to discourage people from waiting for a sale. That content comprises the Space Marines faction, along with another faction that will be revealed later.

Tom Sykes

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