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Battlefield 4's platoons now available for all players

Last month, DICE launched Battlefield 4's platoon feature , but restricted the creation of new platoons to Premium members of at least level 10. This is at least somewhat true to the real military, who have realised that letting anybody create their own command structure would be a very inefficient way to organise troops. Luckily, Battlefield 4 is not the real military, and so their variant of the clan model is now available for all.

Platoons let up to 100 people collect in a custom-created group name and tag, offering a rank and stats to let you know how you're performing against that clan's competitors. If this all sounds familiar, it's because it was a feature that was available in Battlefield 3. You can create or join one by heading to the Platoon page on Battlelog.

As a newly deployed feature, DICE are collecting feedback in this forum thread , and have offered a place for platoons to recruit new members on a specific Platoons sub-forum .

Thanks, Joystiq .

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