Battlefield 4 Battlepack upgrades now available for real moneydollars

Battlefield 4

Gearing up your soldier in Battlefield 4 is typically a measure of time invested. Play enough maps and accomplish enough objectives, and your armory gradually expands with new weapons, attachments, and cosmetic camouflage paints. Battlepacks, the loot-crate system introduced in BF4, shortcuts accessibility to various scopes and camos after climbing to certain ranks or gun expertise. If you'd like to skip all of that playing and just pay for the accessories, EA is offering buyable Battlepacks for as much as $3/£2.

According to EA's announcement , Battlepack's three tiers—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—are now priced at $1/£.60, $2/£1, and $3/£2, respectively, through Origin's marketplace or directly on the Battlelog . Each level of pack quality represents an increasing chance for rare items such as soldier portraits or unique paints, but every box guarantees at least one weapon attachment.

So far, player response hasn't exactly welcomed this news with trumpets and rainbows. I can understand some of the negativity surrounding the monetization of a gameplay feature that was entirely free before, but knee-jerk comments of "This game is ruined forever!" isn't quite accurate by virtue of the Battlepacks' contents themselves. Everything a pack contains (with the exception of cosmetic items) is attainable by simply playing the game. True, scopes and silencers modify one's playing style, but Battlefield's true decisive factor over the victor in a firefight has always leaned on player skill, mastery of map layouts, and recoil control.

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