Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod adds the Falklands War

Project Reality is an ambitious user-made mod that's served to keep Battlefield 2's multiplayer component active since the closure of GameSpy in 2014. It's now launched its version 1.4 which adds the Falklands Conflict—a ten-week war between the UK and Argentina that took place in 1982.

Featuring both the British and Argentinian armies, Project Reality's v1.4 adds authentic kit and weapons consistent with the conflict, including infantry weapons such as L4A4 Bren LMG, the Sterling submachine gun, and the Shorts Blowpipe, among others. Beyond firepower, both factions also have a "varied arsenal" of new aircraft and vehicles. 

"Alongside all the new content; We are also introducing new gameplay systems such as the CLOS SAMs, retarded bombs and more," reads an update post. "Both factions will be playable on 2 maps; Goose Green, a 2x2km map focused on infantry combat and The Falklands, our first 8x8km map featuring the entire Falklands Islands and an overview of the entire war, with lots of airspace for the aircraft to fly around in."

The mods creators note that while naval features were teased before now, v1.4 will not feature them as a result of "real life circumstances of key-developers"—however suggest these features will be added to a future update. Here's some of the above in motion: 

Project Reality's version 1.4 is out now—a full list of features and download instructions can be found this way