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The best Stardew Valley mods


Stardew Aquarium

(Image credit: Stardew Aquarium)

Download here

This unreasonably awesome add-on made by a talented group of modders adds an entire aquarium to the game. Just like in Animal Crossing, fish you donate to the aquarium become exhibits that you can see for yourself. The aquarium itself is located in a new beach area that can be accessed via the train in Pelican Town.

Farm Extended

Stardew Valley mod - Farm Extended

Download here

For those of us who really struggle to choose a farm type when starting a new farm, Farm Extended gives the standard farm benefits of all the specialty farms. The extended farm features dedicated areas for fishing, foraging, and mining as well as fenced areas designed to keep animals from escaping. Modder Forkmaster also added a minecart stop behind the farmhouse for quick travel to other parts of town directly from home. 

Bathroom house upgrade

Stardew Valley mod - Bathroom house upgrade

Download here

Despite all the upgrades Robin can add to your farmhouse, she apparently wants to keep the bathhouse north of town to herself. This mod for adding a bathroom to the farmhouse's second upgrade gives you a private in-home spa for refreshing your energy on busy farm days. This mod won't work with any others that change the interior layout of the second farmhouse, so beware! 

Jamie's Balanced Greenhouse

Stardew Valley mod - Jamie's Balanced Greenhouse

Download here

There are a ton of mods for expanding the greenhouse, most of which are excessively large. Personally, I don't want to do all of my farming inside the greenhouse. Jamie's Balanced Greenhouse is a perfectly modest expansion to the greenhouse space. It turns the central plot into a 15x15 square, meaning you can evenly place either medium or iridium sprinklers. It also adds 12 individual square plots meant for planting trees, since we were all planting our fruit trees in a ring around the default greenhouse plot already. 


Coffee Shoppe

Stardew Valley mod - Coffee Shoppe

Download here

Pelican Town may be a rural town but that doesn't mean that its villagers should have to settle for just your average cup of joe every morning. Coffee Shoppe adds a new espresso machine for creating fancy drinks like maple macchiatos and peppermint mochas. There are a number of new pastry recipes that it adds as well for cake pops and petite fours to pair with these stylish urban drinks.  

Animal Husbandry

Stardew Valley mod - Animal Husbandry

Download here

The Animal Husbandry mod, formerly known as the Butcher Mod, allows you to turn your animal friends into their component meat parts. If you don't care for using the meat cleaver on your cute little hogs, modder Digus added a "softmode" that changes the cleaver into a Meat Wand that lets you "exchange your animals for meat that grows on trees on another dimension." As another uncanny alternative, the mod Fresh Meat adds plants that you can grow and harvest meat from. Does that count as vegan? 

Cannabis Kit

Stardew Valley mod - Cannabis Kit

Download here

"Mayor Lewis has recently passed legislation allowing you to now grow cannabis on your farm!" says modder Paradigmnomad. Cannabis Kit adds a number of cannabis strains that can be bought from Harvey and Pierre during the summer and fall. Your mature cannabis plants can be crafted with original Stardew Valley artisan machines to produce products like hemp cloth and cannabis oil. 

Six Winter Crops

Stardew Valley mod - Six Winter Crops

Download here

Six Plantable Crops for Winter does exactly as it says and no more. Winters can be dull in Stardew Valley when the only activity is delving into the mines. For those of us that really just prefer farming to fighting, these six new crops give you a goal for the winter. Your farm can still look lively in the snow if you plant napa cabbage and blue roses!



Stardew Valley mod - Automate

Download here

The Automate mod is a huge boon to productivity on the farm that reminds me of complicated redstone machinery in Minecraft. Automate allows you to pair chests with machines that automatically pull raw materials from a connected chest and push the output back into the same chest. Smarter folks than me will be able to chain together complex interactions that save you from running about your farm to fill up machines all day. 

Tractor Mod

Stardew Valley mod - Tractor Mod

Download here

Modern farmers rejoice! No longer does escaping to the countryside mean you must also submit to ancient farming techniques. The Tractor Mod allows you to purchase a tractor that performs the same functions as many of your basic farm tools but faster. It does everything from tilling dirt to breaking rocks to planting seeds, all from the comfort of a cushy seat.  


(Image credit: aedenthorn on Nexus Mods)

Download here

Does exactly what it says on the tin. With this mod, you'll be able to hop into any pond or ocean and swim to your heart's desire. You can also dive underwater to find sea urchins and other gross stuff. Rad.

Teh's Fishing Overhaul

Download here

Stardew Valley is one of few games where I don't outright detest the fishing minigame, but Teh's Fishing Overhaul makes the experience that much better. It adds the possibility for fish to be unaware of you, making them easier to catch, and rewards you for consecutive perfect catches as well. I'll still never choose the riverland farm map, but this overhaul will certainly make grabbing those fishing achievements less painful. 

Minerva's Harder Community Center Bundles

Stardew Valley mod - Minerva's Harder Bundles

Download here

After playing a number of new Stardew farms, the community center bundles can easily start to feel more like an annoying chore than a fun challenge. Minerva's Harder Community Center Bundles expand the items needed for each collection. In Minerva's words, the mod is designed for "those playing this game for the umpteenth time." 



Stardew Valley mod - Polygamy

Download here

Choosing a paramour from all of Pelican Town's eligible individuals is a struggle every time I start a new game. Abigail speaks to my nerdy little heart but doesn't poor Shane deserve to be saved from the clutches of JojaMart? With the Polygamy mod, modder Bwdy says, "If you have the energy, the passion, and the dedication to see it through, you can pursue them all." After your first marriage, Pierre will sell additional mermaid pendants to propose with at his store and you'll be free to run about town and bend the knee to all of your lovers. 

Shane's New Job

Stardew Valley mod - Shane's New Job

Download here

As mentioned, I have a soft spot for poor Shane and any time I choose a different spouse I feel so badly that he's out of a job when I chase Morris and JojaMart out of town. With Shane's New Job, Shane will start working at the Stardrop Saloon after the community center cut-scene. Finally I don't have to feel guilty to robbing the man of his gainful employment! 

Romanceable Rasmodius

Stardew Valley mod - Romanceable Rasmodius

Download here

I've never been inclined to marry Rasmodius the wizard, but apparently modder WerewolfMaster was so inspired after playing another mod, Wizard Narrative Overhaul. Romanceable Rasmodius builds on the narrative overhaul created by Haywrites to turn him into a marriage candidate complete with heart events, post-marriage dialogue, and festival dialogue that references your relationship. I suspect this would pair well with a mod that changes Rasmodius's portrait to make him look a little more age appropriate for your young-adult farmer. 

Responsible Marnie

Stardew Valley mod - Responsible Marnie

Download here

I'm clearly not the only person that has failed to memorize Marnie's schedule. Any time I want to buy a new animal she seems to be anywhere but the shop that she owns and runs. I just want to give you my money, Marnie! Responsible Marnie is a small but crucial fix to one of my greatest Stardew frustrations. It ensures that Marnie will actually stand behind the counter of her shop on weekdays like a good shop owner. 


Cabin Owner Displayed

Stardew Valley mod - Cabin Owner Displayed

Download here

If you're running an operation with several other farmer friends, it can be tough to keep track of which houses belong to which friends. Cabin Owner Displayed is a quick fix that shows the name of a cabin's owner when you enter. No more pranking the wrong friend by accident.

Multiplayer Backpacks

Stardew Valley mod - Multiplayer Backpacks

Download here

Another useful way to keep tabs on your multiplayer friends is the Multiplayer Backpacks mod which lets you see what all your fellow farmers are carrying with them. Ideally you can use it to plan better as a group but if you just need it to figure out who's been hoarding all the hoes, it can do that too. 

Unlimited Players

Stardew Valley mod - Unlimited Players

Download here

Now that Stardew Valley's official multiplayer support is out, we no longer need the Makeshift Multiplayer mod, but there are always greater heights for mod makers to aspire to. Unlimited Players removes the cap on cabins that can be built on a farm and the limit on number of farmers that can join a session. Only the player hosting the multiplayer session needs to install Unlimited Players, meaning you may be able to surprise some strangers with overpopulated farms. 

Always On Server

Stardew Valley mod - Always On Server

(Image credit: funnysnek)

Download here

This mod puts the farm host into a deep slumber, allowing the world to continue running without them playing. This allows for the rest of your farmers to play even when the host isn't present, and the mod is smart enough to pause the action when no one's active so time won't pass. The host will have to leave the game running on their computer, but that's a small price to pay for a farm that never sleeps.

Warp To Friends

Stardew Valley mod - Warp To Friends

Download here

Warp to Friends adds an additional menu to Stardew Valley showing the location of all other farmhands and a button for warping directly to them. Especially useful for helping out new friends if they get lost or need help deep in the mines. 

Lauren loves long books and even longer RPGs. She got a game design degree and then, stupidly, refused to leave the midwest. She plays indie games you haven't heard of and will never pass on a story about players breaking games or playing them wrong.