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SpaceChem developer's Infinifactory arrives on Early Access


Usually when I don't finish a game it's because I got bored, or simply distracted by other things. That wasn't the case for Spacechem. I didn't finish that because it became quickly apparent that I was too stupid for its more challenging puzzles.

Infinifactory is the new game from Spacechem creator Zachtronics. Terrifyingly, it describes itself as "like Spacechem... in 3D!" As if dealing with two dimensions wasn't bad enough.

Much like Spacechem, your job is to layout machinery in a circuit-like fashion—creating constructions of inputs and outputs that manipulate objects to do what you want. In Spacechem, that looked a bit like this. In Infinifactory?


Infinifactory is now available in Early Access. Its creator states that new mini-campaigns and improvements will be implemented for the full game, which is expected in approximately three-to-six months. However, the game's main campaign is already complete.

"The first available Early Access version corresponds with what we would have considered our 'release version' in the past," writes the developer. "The main campaign is finished, with more than 30 puzzles and a professionally voice-acted story, and includes a Steam Workshop enabled level editor allowing you to create and share custom puzzles from day one."

As for what's planned for future versions, players can vote on their most wanted improvements over at Infinifactory's development roadmap page.

Phil Savage
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