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Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to PC [Update]

Type 0

Update: It's official. Square Enix has confirmed, via Twitter, that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to Steam.

Original: It's not an official announcement, but MSI is boasting that they'll have Final Fantasy Type-0 running on their GS60 Red and GS70 Silver laptops at their Computex booth. Given that those are both PCs, it would suggest that Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to PC.

Originally a PSP game, Type-0 is a mission-based RPG with occasional bits of RTSing. It was recently re-released in an HD version for the non-portable consoles, so a PC version would make sense. The trailer below confirms that, yes, Type-0 is pretty much as batshit as any other Final Fantasy game.

We've contacted Square-Enix for official confirmation, and will update this post if they get back to us.

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