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Kerbal Space Program chronicle, part four — the Kerbal has landed

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The heavily cratered surface of the Mün looms up at them as their altitude drops lower and lower. I twitch the craft side to side to help kill sideways movement and ensure a safe, vertical landing. The landing struts come down and the lights go on, and the ashy surface glows beneath them.

Ever so gently, the lander touches down on the surface of another world. All over the world, children are watching in their living rooms on tiny TV sets. Bob lowers the ladder and steps outside. He climbs down and hesitates just above the surface.

“PC gaming rules,” he says, and steps onto Münar dirt. It's not the speech we practiced, but it'll do.

Sonford turns on the onboard scientific instruments, and then it's his turn. He says something, too, but nobody records what the second guy says. Bob and Sonford frolic in low gravity for a moment, and then it's time for some pictures.

Bob, Sonford, and Newfry are heroes, but they're still far from home! Next week, I'll try to bring them all back.