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Hacker group rains DDoS attacks down on, Sony Online Entertainment and more

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Hackers have targeted a range of gaming services including, Sony Online Entertainment titles, PSN and League of Legends, among others. While the DDoS attacks have mostly been resolved, a Twitter account claiming to be responsible for the hacks is now targeting Xbox Live.

Posting under the name ' Lizard Squad ', the group also claims responsibility for a bomb threat which forced a plane boarded by SOE president John Smedley to be diverted. According to a SOE representative speaking to ShackNews , the FBI is now involved.

SOE services including PlanetSide 2 have since recovered from the large scale attacks and are now fully operational. Other affected games including titles (Diablo, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft), League of Legends and Path of Exile are also now operational after temporary crashes.

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'Lizard Squad' sent the above message on Sunday, which prompted American Airlines to divert flight 362 to Phoenix instead of San Diego. A spokesperson for American Airlines later confirmed the flight had been diverted due to security concerns.

More updates as they come through.

Shaun Prescott
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