GOG celebrate their fifth birthday with a build a bundle deal

Digital distribution store GOG is celebrating its fifth birthday, which is an impressive milestone for a service that sounds like it was named by somebody celebrating their first birthday. Rather than look to you expectantly, its owners have arranged their own party: a five week extravaganza of "promos, gifts, contests, and specials with a Grand Finale in the middle of October." The first is the Pick 5 Promo , letting your create a five-game bundle from the newer end of their catalogue.

The deal picks out 25 mostly-indie games, including psychedelic tunnel racer Dyad, turn-based zombie survival Zafehouse Diaries, and the Stephen King simulator Alan Wake, all around 80% off. The deal only works if you pick out five games, meaning the minimum overall price is $10, but, assuming you can find five games in the list that you don't already own, it's a potentially great deal.

As a separate bonus discount, you can also get System Shock 2 for $2.49 until tomorrow , 10 am BST.

The Pick 5 Promo will run until next week, September 16th.