Dishonored: No Trace, episode 2: The Spirit of the Stairway

As I discovered in the previous episode of No Trace , making Corvo's assassinations look like accidents isn't exactly a noble endeavor. I've fed innocent people to rats in order to cover my tracks, and in this week's episode I'll put innocent people - and fish - to the blade if it'll help me build a more convincing lie. I am not especially proud of myself. Nor am I especially good at staging a staircase slip-up. I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

In episode two, I take on the Pendleton twins in the Golden Cat bath house, and finally figure out how to make Corvo talk. There will be vomit. I will have trouble with a locker door. I will make a certain amount of use of stock sound effects and circus music. Needless to say, there will be spoilers.

If you're new to the series, start here . If you've finished the game, you can also give our Dishonored podcast special a listen for more of our thoughts. Check back next week for episode three.