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Call of Duty: Ghosts tires of half-baked DLC, gets fully baked with cannabis-themed pack

Some would argue that paid-for personalisation packs are endemic in the games industry—chronic, even. But is there anything wrong with showing off some style while high at the top of a leaderboard. Infinity Ward are no dopes, they know how to hit their target markets. Presented with a money making opportunity, they're not going to make a hash of it. And so, some Call of Duty developers embarked on a skunkworks mission to create the Blunt Force Character Pack—a marijuana-themed DLC release.

The DLC, priced $1.99, is one of three new character packs now available for the Xbox version of the game. The other two character packs are themed as "Inferno" and "Bling". Infinity Ward definitely know their audience.

Each character pack contains a uniform and two helmets. In addition, the recent DLC drop also makes available six new 'Personalisation' packs and two new weapons. You can see the full round-up here . Expect all items to arrive on PC after the standard Xbox-exclusivity period expires—likely next month.

Of course, maybe you're thinking, "but why can't I re-skin my gun in a garish cannabis pattern?" Don't worry, you already can !

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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