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Black Friday TV deals 2019

Black Friday TV deals 2019
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Of all the sales in November, the Black Friday TV deals are the most impressive, so it's the best time of year to upgrade your panel. Maybe you have a powerful rig, but a regular ol' monitor just isn't cutting it anymore? Or maybe you want to add a TV to your already decked-out battle station? Or perhaps you just need a new TV for your living room or bedroom? Your reason for wanting a TV doesn't matter—the point is that you want one, and Black Friday is the time to get one without worrying about spending too much. A regular gaming monitor is going to be your best bet for work and gaming, but a smaller 4K TV can be useful if you stream or like to recline back in your chair and game with a controller. 

We saw some deals on QLED 4K TVs last year marked off as much as 50 percent, and some premium OLED panels were thousands of dollars off. The Black Friday TV deals are the heart of our late-November shopping bonanza. 4K TVs are more or less the gold standard resolution for all TVs now, but HD TVs are still a thing and, if last year was any indication of what's to come, there will be plenty of deals on those this Black Friday as well. You'll probably see a lot of the best gaming TVs go on sale during this time, as there were several good deals on Samsung TVs last year. 

And don't forget that pretty much everything to do with PC gaming goes on sale during the Black Friday deals events, so it's a great time to upgrade.

Black Friday TVs—When do they go on sale?

Some retailers might have a few early deals leading into Black Friday, sometimes as much as one or two weeks in advance, but you can expect them to be in full swing come November 29. Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Micro Center, and Best Buy are the places where we've seen have the most deals across Black Friday weekend in the past, and that's not likely to change.

Usually by the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the sales taper off briefly until it gets closer to Christmas, but Thanksgiving is a week later this year. That means you can probably expect a bigger cluster of deals all the way until December 24 or 25, and possibly into the new year too—convenient for those who are doing shopping for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, there is never any guarantee that what you want will go on sale, especially with stores like Micro Center that do way more in-store deals than online deals, but there's a good chance that you'll find something similar or close. Some Black Friday sales only last as long as the supplies last, too, so if you do see something for the right price, pick it up as fast as you can.

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Black Friday TV deals from 2018 (Expired)

Even though these deals are long gone, it never hurts to study up on Black Friday TV deals from last year just to see what kind of deals to look out for. We’ve listed a choice few below to give you a broad idea about TVs that fit different budgets and needs. A little research helps you know when a deal is legit.   

Samsung Q8FN 55" | 4K QLED| $1,497.99 ($1,102 off)
This is one of our best 4K TV for gaming picks. With QLED backlighting and a 2160p resolution, getting this at half the usual price is well worth the investment.

Sharp 55" 4K HDR LED Smart TV | $329.99 ($181 off)
On the budget end, Walmart has this Sharp screen for $329 (it was $300, so it's gone up). Should give you decent quality for the price.

Samsung 55" 4K QLED Smart TV (Q6F) | $997.99 ($500 off)
Upgrading to a QLED screen is pricey, but Black Friday deals like this one put Samsung's superior color range into a more manageable price range.

(Image credit: LG)

How to save money on TVs during Black Friday

OK, so you've resolved to get a new TV this Black Friday. That's a big step, we're proud of you. But now the problem is knowing how to maximize your savings while every online retailer shouts that its deal is best from the mountaintops. Between finding a deal in the chaos and on a TV that suits your specific gaming goals, settling on something isn't easy. We'll be around to guide you during Black Friday proper, pulling out singularly great deals and highlighting the bulk of good ones here, but make sure you're ready with a few simple tips.

1. Know your needs ahead of time
Don't wait until Black Friday to figure out how to separate TV manufacturer marketing jargon from genuinely important features. Our 4K TV and cheap TV guides are good places to start. Look at some of the top picks, see what features they have, and figure out what suits your setup. A few basic pointers: don't go for a 4K TV unless you have a beefy PC and/or you plan on watching a lot of 4K movies and shows. They look nice, but only if your hardware can hit that resolution with most games at a decent framerate. Think about size, weight, whether you need a wall mount or can slap the sucker on an entertainment center. Get prepared now so you're not overwhelmed later.

2. Use a few price comparison websites
PC Gamer is a good place to hang while Black Friday goes down. We'll have people working around the clock to find the best deals available, but it doesn't hurt to learn a few tools of the trade yourself. Price comparison sites like CamelCamelCamel will give you a good snapshot of your ideal TV's price history, which comes in handy when deal after deal hits your eye like a big pizza pie. Don't get too overzealous though. It's tempting to hold out for the lowest price ever once you've seen it, but there's no guarantee your dream TV will go that low, not for sho, no no. The market is unknowable, so keep an eye out for savings within the vicinity of a price that works for you, then make your move.

3. Look for deals with bonuses attached
The best deal won't always be direct savings on a TV that fits the bill, but on bonus items attached to the deal. We've noticed that retailers are using bonuses as bargaining chips, easy attachments to one-up the competition. You might see an ideal TV on Amazon with the same sale price as on Newegg, but Newegg's throwing in a rebate, a code for a game or two, or an extra discount code at checkout. Be sure to read the fine print to see which retailer's bringing the best accord to the table. 

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Best TV deals right now

OK so you need a new TV today. Cool. Sometimes you get a TV emergency. We understand, we just hope you're not in any trouble with this sudden need for a TV, like, right now. Maybe you got mixed up with the wrong TV people. Well, we can't help with TV crime, but we can help with TV deals. Here are our top TV deals happening now. Some will be cheaper during Black Friday, some won't. Patience isn't necessarily a virtue in this situation.  

Samsung 65" QLED 4K TV | Q7F| $1100 ($200 off)
This is one of our best 4K TV for gaming picks. And since it's no longer the flagship, it'll only get cheaper. This is a seriously great price for a 65" QLED, and the colors are truly spectacular.View Deal

LG 55" OLED 4K TV | C8PUA | $1597 (save $600)
If you're going OLED instead of QLED, for deeper blacks, this is the TV you need. It's pricey, but the picture on this LG set is unrivaled. It's also super thin and will look incredible in your living room.View Deal

Samsung 65" QLED 4K TV | Q70 | $1398 (save $800)
Walmart is offering a cool $700 off the list price of a 2019 model Q70. It has fantastic colors, a decent refresh rate of 100Hz, and this is a great TV for the money.View Deal

Samsung 55” QLED 4K TV | Q7F | $949
A great deal on this TV that sits in between the Q8 and the Q6. While you can spend a bit more and get a Q8, this is a good saving on a TV that lasts you years. It's less than $1000.View Deal

Toshiba 43" 4K Fire TV Edition | $330 ($50 off)
Want a mid-sized 4K TV for 300 bucks? This Toshiba isn't top-of-the-line, but it's fairly well-reviewed and the price is right.View Deal

Samsung 50" 4K TV | NU7100 | $328 (was $999)
It's a bold claim to say this was worth $999, but a price of $429 does seem fair for one of the better Samsung TVs of 2018. Good UI, great features, clear picture, and decent HDR.View Deal

TCL 55-Inch 4K Roku Smart LED TV | $319 ($280 off)
The TCL TVs have come along way, and more modern models are decent mid-range panels. You get a lot of size for your money here, and the picture quality is pretty good too. View Deal