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These are the essential guns to add to your Call of Duty: Warzone arsenal

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If you're looking for the best guns in Warzone, you've got all sorts of death-dealing candidates from which to choose. From close-range shotguns capable of downing targets in just couple hits, to the lightning-fast SMGs and assault rifles that can shred through multiple targets with a single clip, it can be difficult to know what to look for once you've landed. 

And you’ll need to kit yourself out with Warzone’s best guns if you want to even be in with a chance against the 150 other combatants. Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of the very best CoD: Warzone weapons that you should be scavenging for and how to use them most effectively.

The best CoD: Warzone weapons

The best guns in CoD: Warzone are:

  • AUG
  • FAL
  • PKM
  • RAM-7
  • AX-50


While the AUG may technically be SMG, it has the engagement range and accuracy of an assault rifle. It's extremely effective in close and mid-range engagement distances, making it the perfect gun to use in Warzone. 

Pair it with 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums to easily dispatch multiple enemies with more than enough bullets to obliterate even the most well-armoured foes. At time of writing, the AUG has the fastest time-to-kill in the game, so add this deadly SMG to your loadout before queuing up. 


If you prize accuracy above anything else and you're not put off by semi-automatic guns, then look out for the FAL. It lacks hip-fire accuracy, but it makes up for it with its range and potency. It's a great pick if you enjoy sniping but without sacrificing clip size. 

The FAL’s recoil is low and easy-to-manage, too, so don’t be shy at clicking away at any targets you see. If your trigger finger is fast enough, you may down those using full-auto weapons before they can even react. Equip a zoomed sight or thermal optic and pop those heads.

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A fully-armoured enemy squad can be troublesome despite Warzone's worryingly-fast kill time—that’s where the PKM comes in. This LMG not only holds an impressive 100-round magazine, it’s also versatile. Unlike most LMGs, the PKM has low recoil and a huge damage profile across all ranges. If you can get past the long reload animation and slower mobility, consider taking this beastly LMG for a spin. 


The RAM-7's fast fire rate and good mobility make it the perfect gun for aggressive types. This trusty assault rifle is competitive against targets wielding SMGs in close-quarters battles, while its manageable vertical recoil allows for speedy mid-range kills. 

When paired with the 50 Round Mags, a Monolithic Suppressor, Stipple Grip Tape, and a FORGE TAC Eclipse barrel, you have a gun that can mow down multiple targets with ease. 


The sheer scale of Warzone’s 150-player battle royale map makes it the perfect place to hide and unleash long-range headshots. After all, a single well-placed shot to the head is often fatal, regardless of your target's armour. Even if you’re just landing body shots, the AX-50 rifle can down an enemy in just a few shots, giving you plenty of opportunities to ping targets at range. 

Despite being classified as a bolt-action rifle, the AX-50 has a steady fire rate: use it fire off a volley of follow-up shots should you miss your first attempt. Consider pairing this gun with either the Merc Thermal Optic or Cronen C480 Pro Optic to decrease the rifle’s relatively lengthy ADS speed.