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Anno 2205's modular buildings detailed

Anno 2205

The best thing about this trailer for Anno 2205 is that Blue Byte and Ubisoft haven't used the occasion to shoehorn in some tenuous Halloween reference: a modular pumpkin, say, or an extended gingerbread house. No, instead it's a fairly dry, informative video about the sci-fi city builder's modular buildings feature, and it's all the better for it.

Their last feature video focused on 'multi-session' play, with the word 'session' confusingly meaning a part of the overall world map—you'll be able to build cities all over Earth, and also on the moon. This trailer's about your ability to graft smaller buildings onto existing ones, offering (less substantial) bonuses without you having to construct an entirely new building to get them. The rub is that extensions require space, so it's probably best not to plonk all your houses and factories together in a dystopian, compact city grid.

If you're wondering how Anno 2205 plays, have a read of Dan Griliopoulos' hands-on from earlier this year.