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And in other PC gaming news... is one year old!

Hackers are everywhere, protect your passwords! That's the motto of today's story of the continued web attacks on high profile game sites. Luckily, there are no reports that any of the stolen information has been misused, yet, but it's a worthwhile reminder that forum and game accounts may not be as secure as we think.

In other news, Call of Duty Elite is looking incredibly successful, and it's not even out yet. In fact, it's not even in beta. You know what is out? The latest issue of PC Gamer UK. Find out what's in the latest issue here .

E3 is over, so there's no news, right? Wrong. There's always plenty happening in PC gaming. Stay up to date with the handy link list below.

  • Rage developer Tim Willits defends id's decision not to put deathmatch modes in Rage, comparing standard console shooters to McDonalds . "There's a McDonalds on every street corner," he says, "and I love McDonalds, but I don't want to eat McDonalds every day. Sometimes you need to have steak."

  • ParmdeepDre tweeted us with a video of Black Ops map, Summit, which he's faithfully recreated in Minecraft.

  • EA say they're listening carefully to fan feedback to Dragon Age 2.

  • A Redditor has created a flowchart showing all the different ways the player can complete a single Deus Ex mission. There are a lot.

  • RPS report that Homefront will be getting a sequel, but Kaos Studios, who made the first game, will be closed down anyway.

  • THQ Core games boss Danny Bilson says a new Relic game will be unveiled at Gamescom this year. Dawn of War 3, Homeworld 3, or Company of Heroes 2? Let the speculation begin.

  • Need for Speed The Run gets a new trailer .

  • Dirt 3 DLC will add new cars to the game tomorrow .

  • Bioware counter criticism that The Old Republic is "highly derivative" of World of Warcraft.

Today in the PC Gamer office, the search for a PC Gamer UK mascot continues . Also, we suddenly remembered that's first birthday happened on Friday. We plan to celebrate in true PC Gamer style . We're one year old! How's the first year been? What would you like to see more of in year two?

Tom stopped being a productive human being when he realised that the beige box under his desk could play Alpha Centauri. After Deus Ex and Diablo 2 he realised he was cursed to play amazing PC games forever. He started writing about them for PC Gamer about six years ago, and is now UK web ed.