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And in other PC gaming news...

Portal 2 Thumbnail

Portal 2 is just ONE MONTH AWAY!

Remember how you felt when you first played Portal? I'm talking about the special time before the internet was stuffed with cakes and cubes. Staring at your own reflection, manipulating your momentum to fly across a chasm, listening to GLaDOS in the lift...

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Sometimes the most popular games are the easiest ones to forget. But it's time to get excited all over again. Portal 2 is innovative , gorgeous , and damn classy . Read our preview if you don't believe us.

And click more for today's condensed gaming links...

  • Don't know who The National are? We refer to the chaps who are creating a tune for Portal 2. Here's an unofficial video for their 2007 track, Fake Empire. Moving non?

  • Procedural racing track generation in Unity browser? Make it so .

  • Six amazing strategy games , all published by one man.

  • There's a Rage comic book incoming.

  • A Homefront launch trailer has hit.

  • EA issue Dragon Age 2 account lock out & securerom statements .

  • Remember the video of the kid standing up to a bully? Here's a TF2 version.

  • Want Deus Ex: Human Revolution PAX footage? No worries .

  • Ooo. An Old Republic developer walkthrough .

  • PC Format pit AMD vs Nvidia in Dragon Age 2 .

  • David Jaffe , of God of War fame talks about the artistic pretension of games.

In more office-based news, Tim continued his Bulletstorm campaign at lunchtime whereas the rest of the team have been busy creating 8-bit versions of themselves on . Here's me , Tim , Graham , Rich (who refuses to pick the most appropriate hair because it's "not hipster enough") and Tom Senior.