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And in other PC gaming news...

Mass Esex

It's Valentine's Day! Regardless of whether your gaming time is going to be limited, or bolstered, by the reddest of all the festivals, we hope you have a warm and loving evening.

Be sure to read our Saturday Crapshoot for some Valentine's-themed words and let us know the most romantic game you've ever played in the comments. I've done a quick office poll and was overwhelmed by suggestions:

Tim went for ICO, which annoys me because it's a damn good choice, Tom F. suggests Morrowind, and Amie has gone for The Sims. Graham loves robots enough to suggest Supreme Commander 2, oddly, but then changed his mind to Digital: A Love Story. Tony suggested Half Life 2: Episode 2, and Craig has gone for Thief 3. I'll go for Animal Crossing.

But enough sloppy nonsense. Click more for today's bonus links...

In more localised news, I've been playing a lot of Starcraft, laced with a few frustrating sessions on Test Drive Unlimited 2, Tom has been playing more DOW: Retribution, and Tim has been chasing down criminals in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Oh, PS. Some of you might have noticed that we've deliberately avoided reporting on a certain big game getting a certain big leak. Do you think we should have mentioned it regardless?

Enjoy your evening, and don't forget to let us know the most romantic game you've played in the comments.