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And in other PC gaming news...

Zeno Clash on Dead End Thrills

Have you heard of Dead End Thrills ? It applies the principles of real world photography to virtual environments, tearing away HUD overlays, freeing the camera and cleaning up the textures to create gorgeous stills like the one you see above, taken in Zeno Clash. That's only a small version, we recommend having a look at the full size version over on the main site . Every day we're going to highlight another one of our favourites.

Now on with our daily round-up of PC gaming happenings, featuring Battlefield 3 DLC, Star Wars: The Old Republic patch notes, a release date for Alan Wake and more.

  • "You're going to hear some announcements from us on Battlefield actually as early as next week" say EA in yesterday's earnings call.

  • If you don't play Star Wars: The Old Republic for a while. Your companion sends you a disapproving email . That's from Reddit .

  • Speaking of TOR, the changelist for patch 1.1.2 are available on the TOR forums .

  • Here's the latest trailer for the Syndicate shooter reboot.

  • The Mechwarrior Online devs talk about combat roles in their latest blog post .

  • Alan Wake (aka Along Wait) will be out on PC on February 16 .

  • id Software turned 21 yesterday ! They can now drink alcohol legally in the US, and probably did.

  • Over on Evil Avatar , a new World of Tanks trailer showing off the upcoming features of patch 7.2.

  • PixelJunk Eden is hitting Steam tonight.

Oooh, some tasty news in there. Sadly I have to go home before security throw me out of the office, or I'd do proper posts on half of these. New Battlefield 3 DLC, though, What could it be?

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