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And in other PC gaming news...

Saints Row 3 - bigheads doing crime

What time is it? Saints Row time! Yes, Saints Row: The Third has been released , at least everywhere but here in the UK, and it's as crazed and maniacal as you'd expect, just read our Saints Row 3 review . Less crazy and more cynical is the decision is THQ selling Saints Row cheats as DLC , no thanks people, we'd rather buy content , particularly mad and demented content. How about you integrate a Kiss Racer minigame instead? Actually better not, what Saints Row would do with that technology doesn't bear thinking about.

Check inside for a selection of autotuned, mexican wrestling PC gaming news.

  • Edge get very... Edge about Portal 2.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun have found a way to install steam saves where you want. A godsend to SSD owners.
  • There's been a whole lot of controversy on Reddit regarding Telltale Games and a Jurassic Park Jeep. Kotaku summarises the affair.
  • 1up examines why maverick publisher Gamecock failed.
  • Massively say that Neverwinter was 'almost ready to ship' when it was re-invented as a free to play MMO.
  • Joystiq say there won't be any more Orcs Must Die! DLC, with the developers moving on to create new games instead.

Have you got Saints Row: The Third internet people? What did you think?