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And in other PC gaming news...

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Hey you! Yes you with the keyboard. How would you like to shoot me in the face? Of course you would! And now you can with our Battlefield 3 server While you're at it you can test your rig out by joining in Adam's Battlefield Benchmark test. Yes, you can shoot my face in the face for science! Truly we live in the future.

Check inside for a 64 player selection of PC Gaming news soldier. Plus an extra special bonus surprise. Hooah!

  • Sonic Generations is out today.
  • Joystiq spot hints at what will be revealed at the VGAs, including a new Bioware game.
  • Massively think the Secret World beta will hit before Christmas.
  • Gearbox tell Eurogamer they think the Duke Nukem reviews weren't fair.
  • Kotaku report that Australia have finally released their guidelines for 18 rated games.
  • The producer of Syndicate tells Eurogamer that multiplayer has become an 'expectation', but single player games aren't dead.

And now, in a new feature, the best news from around our Future sister sister sites this week:

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To play us out readers, how about you tell me your best moment in Battlefield multiplayer so far?