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And in other PC gaming news...

Battlefield 3 Thumbnail

Our Battlefield 3 review is here! Graham isn't kind to the single player campaign, which certainly seems incredibly linear and filled with 'press space not to die' moments. Tom Senior tells me that at one point he was inching closer to a man while holding a knife, when the stab prompt came up. Tom decided to edge a little closer to get a better stab, but the game didn't like that and he instantly keeled over dead from an overdose of free will. Amazing.

Check inside for a selection of linear, tightly scripted PC gaming news.

  • The Tribes Ascend beta begins tomorrow.
  • Bethblog announces that Fallout: New Vegas will get an Ultimate edition containing all DLC next February.
  • PC Gamer contributor Lewis Denby interviews Ken Levine for the Telegraph .

  • EA tell videogamer Syndicate's Miles Kilo is 'not a good guy'.
  • VG247 say Dungeon Defenders sold four times as much on PC as on Consoles.
  • It's Gabe Newell's birthday ! Happy birthday Gabe!

What do you think about linear games readers? How much is too much?