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And in other PC gaming news...

XCOM E3 2011 presentation

So that XCOM footage earlier was interesting wasn't it? Man I love the fifties/early sixties. The paranoia, the sweet hats, the constant smoking because they haven't figured out it gives you cancer. Super cool. It's so cool that next week I'm going to wear a fedora into the office and lounge around looking all chiselled and laconic and uttering pithy put downs every time someone asks me to write anything. I only hope I don't have to battle any of that crazy alien goo, you can tell that stuff stains.

Inside is a dramatically lit selection of PC gaming news.

  • Eurogamer report that Batman: Arkham City will not be using Games for Windows Live after all.
  • Edge report that Limbo maker's Playdead's next game is three and a half years away, and will use Unity.
  • Kotaku reveal on Super Monday Night Combat a free to play 'Dota shooter' follow up to Monday Night Combat.
  • The Reticule interview Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson about Football Manager.
  • The Bioshock PAX stand has a giant songbird. Here it is eating Will Wheaton .

Readers! What eras should have more games set in them?