ASUS PC DIY Day recap: Check out the timed build challenge

Screenshots of ASUS DIY Day timed build challenge
(Image credit: ASUS)

PC, headphones and other gaming peripherals

(Image credit: ASUS)

Asus brought PC building to the masses on December 3 with its first PC DIY Day, offering up competitions, giveaways, and ample guidance on everything related to PC building. During the event, Asus created an incredible challenge to put a host of gamers and influences to the test. Content creators Noisybutters, ARUUU, Allenownz and RowdyRogan explored some of the fundamental steps of building a PC and took on a timed build challenge in this three-part segment.

Asus created this challenge to educate novice builders on how easy it is to build your own PC! If you’re planning to build your own PC, give the contestants a follow and stay tuned to get in on the action.

Check out the website here for more details on what went down during PC DIY Day and all the ongoing giveaways and contents. And, make sure you also check out the recap of the entire PC DIY Day Livestream on Twich here.