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Antihero is a Dickensian 4X strategy about sneaky thieves


I like 4X strategy games well enough, but until now I've yet to find one featuring bobble-headed thieves and thugs, and towns called things like 'Bumford' and 'Salty Nonce'. Antihero is the game that introduces 4X to both these things, and a new trailer has arrived to show this off.

It's a game about running a thieves' guild in a "gas-lit underworld", which of course means undertaking daring heists, hiring thugs and urchins, upgrading your guild, and fighting your rivals with bribes, blackmail, and a dagger in the back. There'll be asynchronous multiplayer in addition to the multi-pathed single-player campaign.

Antihero has already been greenlit on Steam, where developer Tim Conkling says that he hopes to have the game on Early Access "in early 2015, with a 1.0 following within a couple months". That obviously hasn't happened yet, but this new trailer is a good sign that things are still ticking along. (Thanks, IndieGames.)