Anthem’s patch 1.1.1 goes live today, and Elysian caches are out

Anthem is getting a new patch that addresses a few relatively minor issues, and Elysian Caches are going away today, meaning players who still have keys left will want to use them now.

The list of updates in 1.1.1 is pretty brief. It fixes an error where weapon and components stat values were “not displaying correctly,” corrects an issue with how suit power level was being calculated, fixes some problems with French and Spanish dialogue audio in the Sunken Cell, and fixes a small delay when salvaging gear at the end of an expedition.

The patch doesn't address Anthem's loot system, at least not by doling out better items. You won’t get to double-up on loot from partially-completed encounters any more, since enemies you’ve defeated on previous attempts will no longer drop loot. Finally, when you’re salvaging gear at the end of an expedition, you’ll have to hold down the right mouse button instead of simply clicking—this will help prevent accidental gear breakdowns, which is nice.

The other change coming today is the removal of Elysian Caches, which isn’t technically part of the patch. These chests were introduced as a limited-time event and offered up decals, vinyls, and other cosmetics for your Javelins. Today’s the last day they’ll be available, so use those keys up if you have them.

The patch goes live today at 11 am Eastern / 4 pm BST.