Anno 2205 predicts resource-motivated space travel

Anno 2205 trailer grab 2

Anno 2205 presents a future in which boring-shaped buildings have been banned and flying cars mean we get traffic jams on multiple levels instead of just the one. But it also reminds us that in order to have that future we need more resources, and that we're probably incapable of sharing.

The resource crunch explains the presence of what look to be giant drills in the Arctic 30 seconds into this trailer. Then, of course, there are battleships, because in the future we're all still killing each other for what resources we do have left (though the combat was missing from the preview build Dan Griliopoulos played last month).

But the big new feature in Anno 2070 is "the next frontier", i.e. space travel motivated by that resource crisis. We get to go to the moon and build moon bases and drive moon buggies, so I guess destroying the Arctic was okay after all.

Anno 2205 is due out on November 3, and caused controversy recently when they cancelled a beta promised to pre-order customers.