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And in other PC gaming news...

Battlestar Galactica Online

The end of the week doesn't mean the end of the PC news stream. While we're clearing up the office ready for the weekend, that torrent of news is still trying to leak through. Of course, that's why this little post is here. Reliably, we'll always be here at the end of the day to catch those headlines that were almost left behind, and present them to you.

So, get your fix of today's videos, late headlines and amusing geek factoids below.

And in office news, Ed has being slaughtering zombies with barely anything more than a katana in his quest to find the best Left4Dead 2 mods around (believe me, he's found some awesome ones). You'll be able to read his findings next week. If these mods get you itching for undead brutality but you don't have L4D2 on your hard-drive, fear not for we will be giving away several copies next week.

Tim's also been getting himself excited over Shogun 2, planning how he'll have complete dominance over the PCG guild and his own infernal army of ninjas. You WILL fear him, apparently.