AMD FX-6300 Black Edition 6-core processor is on sale for $58

Building a system around AMD's previous generation FX series is not particularly glamorous, especially now that Ryzen is here, but it can be cheap. Underscoring that point is a sale on AMD's FX-6300 Vishera chip. While normally priced at around $70 to $80, it is on sale today for $58 at Amazon.

The FX-6300 comes with a heatsink/fan combination, though you might want to go with a third-party cooling solution if you plan to overclock. Either way, this Black Edition processor offers up an unlocked multiplier to play with.

This is a six-core processor that runs at 3.5GHz to 4.1GHz. It has 8MB of L3 case, is built on a 32nm manufacturing process, and has a rated 95W TDP. In terms of performance, while this is a dated chip, it's still a solid choice for an inexpensive gaming PC. There is no shortage of sub-$100 AM3+ motherboards to pair this with.

You can grab this processor on sale here.

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Paul Lilly

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