Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (53-55)


As our journey continues through Assault on Balaurea, Aion's huge free expansion releasing on September 7, we take a look at levels 53-55 as an Asmodian. In this update, NCSoft hopes to alleviate many of the problems early adopters had with the game, like too much grinding and a distracting number of bugs. One thing's for sure, no matter how user-friendly they make it, the blue guy with crystals coming out of his head will always want to kill you.

These guides were put together with the help of Aion's PowerWiki team: Jennifer “Gennwu” Randall, Scott “Hammer” Hannus, and Sean “Knite” Orlikowski. Read more of their awesome work at The Aion PowerWiki .

Welcome back

Congratulations on reaching level 53! You're not level 53? Then see the level 51-52 Asmodian Jr. guide--this area's for the grown-folks. Here you'll further extend your arsenal, slay ravenous beasts in the Abyssal Splinter, and unlock the final Greater Stigma Slot at Beshmundir Temple.

Our trusty guides

Still nyerking along, Duddlinerk is here to demystify mystery and get offended at everything Bluebeard says. Speaking of which, he's back too--wrathful as ever.

Unlock the final Greater Stigma slot

Duddlinerk: What is one more Stigma slot, Daeva? Does it help much? Duddlinerk thinks one more cube slot would be nice, but not help business.

Bluebeard: One more, ONE MORE?! Greater Stigmas are a Daeva's true source of power, not to mention the knowledge, skill, and soul of our ancestors, and I crave souls, Shugo--MOAR SOULS! Omnomnom!

Duddlinerk: Duddlinerk is scared, nyerk!

By completing repeatable quests in Beshmundir Temple, Daevas can unlock their final Greater Stigma slot. In order to access Beshmundir Temple, the Asmodians must first own all the Fortresses in the Gelkmaros region. When the Asmodians own all the Fortresses in Gelkmaros, the path to Silentera Canyon will open, inside of which is the Beshmundir Temple.

Fabled Grade Armor rewards

Duddlinerk: Even Duddlinerk knows that Named Monsters can be stingy with loot, nyerk! But Daevas can now earn Fabled items through repeatable quests!

New repeatable quests involving the Instanced Dungeons in the Lower Abyss and the Abyssal Splinter are available from Darkhum at Primum Landing. By completing these quests a certain number of times, Daevas will receive Fabled armor pieces as a reward, and Daevas level 52 and up can fulfill the requirements for two quests simultaneously.

To complete these quests, the Asmodians must hold the Lower Abyss Fortresses, so there is some amount of luck involved in completion. To help even the playing field, we've listed the Fabled armor quests below:

Reward | Level Quest | Name and Description

  • Fabled Shoes | 50 | Restoration of Laize's Shoes [Complete the quest 8 times to receive Fabled shoes as a reward]
  • Fabled Gloves | 50 | Restoration of Laize's Gloves [Complete the quest 8 times to receive Fabled gloves as a reward]
  • Fabled Shoulders | 50 | Restoration of Laize's Pauldrons [Complete the quest 8 times to receive Fabled pauldrons as a reward]
  • Fabled Pants | 50 | Restoration of Laize's Gaiters [Complete the quest 12 times to receive Fabled pants as a reward]
  • Fabled Chestpiece | 50 | Restoration of Laize's Breastplate [Complete the quest 12 times to receive a Fabled chestpiece as a reward]

**To receive the Restoration of Laize's Chestpiece quest, it is first necessary to complete the Restoration of Laize's Gaiters quest.

Upgrading to an extendable weapon

Duddlinerk: Daeva accuses Duddlinerk of lie?! Duddlinerk never lies, nyerk! Well, was one time Duddlinerk passed off Common weapon as Fabled weapon with gold paint, but was different circumstances!

At level 55, Daevas can upgrade the Fabled weapon reward from the To Stand Against the Elyos quest. To extend the weapon, complete the For a Better [insert weapon type here] quest. Follow this quest order and you'll be Inspector Gadget in no time:

Quest Chain | Description | Quest Name

  • 1st | Complete the quest 30 times to receive a Fabled grade weapon as a reward | To Stand Against the Elyos
  • 2nd | N/A | Fatebound [weapon type]
  • 3rd | Complete the quest 30 times to upgrade the Fabled weapon from the To Stand Against the Elyos quest | For a Better [weapon type]