Age of Empires Online getting Norse civilization

I'm going to be reinstalling Age of Empires Online after the next update. If you know me, you probably just rolled your eyes and said, "They must have added vikings." You would be right! And also, I'm going to hit you in the face with an axe for rolling your eyes at me, whelp! The Norse are joining the existing roster of Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Persian, and Babylonian civs, and bringing some new tricks and Northern fury to the game.

Like the Norse faction in Age of Mythology, Norse infantry will be able to build and repair structures. Because even a Norse peasant could probably beat up whatever your civilization has. They'll also have area-damaging berserkers, war dogs, and the cheapest, most mobile cavalry in the game. Oh, and you know those ox carts the other civs use to generate money by moving between markets? FEH, say we! How about BEAR CARTS! (No, I'm not even kidding.)

You can check out the full blog post on the official site , and jump in to join (or be pillaged and annihilated by) the Norsemen when the update hits on October 23.