Against All Authority disqualified from League of Legends playoffs for roster shortage

Riot has announced that French team Against All Authority has been disqualified from this weekend's LCS playoffs for being "unable to field a roster of eligible players." The situation was created when one of the team's starters was pulled away by a family emergency, and none of their valid substitutes were able to step in within the time frame allotted for aAa's semifinal match against SK Gaming.

"An alternative option was raised to allow for aAa to use a substitute not eligible on their roster, but this would've violated the official rules and put SK in the unfair position of playing against a team composition they were never allowed to practice for," Riot's VP of eSports Dustin Beck explained on the official forums.

The disqualification has guaranteed SK Gaming's spot in the European WCS finals. They will face off against the winner of Fnatic vs EG Raidcall, which you can catch tomorrow at 13:00 CEST/4:00 a.m. PDT (grab some caffeinated products, my fellow West Coast denizens). Look no further than the LCS Europe landing page for the stream.