Absolver trailer offers 15 minutes of chunky melee combat

Open world biff-'em-up Absolver will be out later this year, and after watching the following video, I for one am very much onboard with its chunky third-person melee combat. It's Zeno Clash meets For Honor over a dinner date with Bushido Blade, or at least, it looks that way to me.

Developer Slocap revealed a brief glimpse of the game at the PlayStation Experience late last year, but worry not, it's also coming to PC, and on the same day as its console counterpart. The above video comprises 15 minutes of Absolver footage, with developer narration explaining just what the heck's going on. You'll see the tutorial, a bit of footage pitting the player against NPC enemies, and even a hefty chunk of PvP battling. (You'll also be able to team up with other players, if you'd rather we all just got along in Absolver's mysterious fantasy world.)

Thanks, RPS.

Originally, this article stated that Absolver was not coming to PC on the same day as PS4. That has been corrected above.

Tom Sykes

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