A Star Wars Galaxies revival celebrates 7 months of success

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A fan-driven revival of Star Wars Galaxies has been going strong for seven months, and enters 2022 with big plans to expand, revamp, and even add original content to the 2003 cult hit MMO. 

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration 3 has seen lots of server infrastructure upgrades and bugfixes since it released last May. There are some 11,421 accounts, having created 12,207 characters—a far cry from the MMO at its prime, but pretty impressive work. Star Wars Galaxies is infamous for implementing one of the first primarily player-driven economies in MMOs, and the Restoration 3 team has focused on that by integrating former reward items and mechanics into the crafting system, among other changes to the MMO's systems.

Around here, we consider Star Wars Galaxies to be an MMO that almost changed the world. (opens in new tab)

They've got a plan to implement more content from the original game in the future, including the Jedi class, and have community progression goals to unlock new content and server-wide progression for players. In 2022, they plan to add the planet Mustafar, more player species, and the secret unlock process for the Jedi class.

You can find Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III on its official website, swgr.org. (opens in new tab) You can read a summary of 2021 and the team's 2022 plans on their forums. (opens in new tab)

For my part, I appreciate that the Restoration 3 project is very open. They have transparent, open financials, for example. Everyone can see who contributed, how much, and where that money was spent. 

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