A pair of new For Honor trailers reveal the Valkyrie and the Lawbringer

Yesterday we got a look at a new For Honor Samurai class, the Nobushi, a lightly-armored, fast-moving defender of the common folk who wields the naginata—basically a sword with a 12-foot grip. Now we've got a couple more to lay eyes on: The Viking Valkyrie, chosen of the gods, and for the Knights, the mighty Lawbringer. 

The Valkyrie looks to be roughly the Viking equivalent of the Nobushi, or the previously revealed Peacekeeper: Lightweight (relatively speaking, anyway) and reliant on speed and agility, rather than armor and hit points, for survival. They carry a spear and shield into battle, and serve primarily as scouts and trackers—and also as a conduit to Valhalla for those who cannot earn glory themselves. 

The Lawbringer is the polar opposite of the Valkyrie, much more akin to the lumbering Shugoki or Warlord. They're huge guys in heavy armor, wielding a massive poleaxe that most people would have trouble just lifting. Clearly, finesse is not their game—these fellows are straight-up clobberers. 

Until new warriors start coming to the game post-release, the Valkyrie, Lawbringer, and Nobushi represent For Honor's final trio of fighters. The closed beta will begin next week, on January 26, and run until January 29; assuming it doesn't go completely off the rails, it will be followed by the full release of For Honor on February 14. 

Andy Chalk

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