40K first-person shooter Fire Warrior comes to GOG

Fire Warrior was far from the best Warhammer 40,000 game when it came out in 2003, but Kuju's shooter did have a few things going for it. For one, it's a rare 40K game entirely focused on playing a non-human faction, the anime-inspired tau. The first time you face a space marine as an opponent, eight-foot tall and power-armored, is pretty memorable. The other thing in its favor is an intro narrated by Tom Baker—if you've ever wanted to hear one of the better actors to star in Doctor Who saying "It is the 41st millennium, and there is only war" click on that video up there.

Thanks to GOG, Fire Warrior is available once again, running on modern versions of Windows at modern resolutions, though some users are reporting glitches at anything over 1080p. Not that a game from 2003 is going to look great at a higher resolution than that anyway. 

It's a middling corridor shooter but if you're a 40K tragic you'll get a kick out of being on the other end of a chainsword or a boltgun. On the higher-end of the quality scale, last year's turn-based tactics game Mechanicus just had a GOG release as well, and its new DLC Heretek is out too.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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