2 new games have been added to the Blizzard Arcade Collection

Lost Vikings 2
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Say what you like about Blizzard’s pre-Warcraft games, but they do have at least one thing going for them: They exist. But when the Blizzard Arcade Collection released back in February there were two notable absences in Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing. The former, obviously, is a sequel to cooperative puzzle-platformer The Lost Vikings, while the latter is a 1991 prequel to Rock N Roll Racing, also released on 16-bit systems. Both have now been added to the Arcade Collection.

It’s nice to have them, though like the other games in the collection, chances are you’ve found another way to play them on PC already. But there are benefits to owning them all in one bundle, especially now that this free update adds a Streamer Mode to Rock N Roll Racing, replacing the game’s music with streamer-friendly MIDI versions. It also now has four-player local multiplayer.

The collection also gets a new Design Documents gallery with this update, which will let you “learn more about how these games were translated from initial concepts to finished products.” 

That’s probably about as big as this collection is going to get, unless The Death and Return of Superman is added in the future—unlikely given it’s a licensed game. If your Blizzard nostalgia doesn’t extend back quite this far, maybe the forthcoming Diablo 2: Resurrected is of more interest. Tyler dug an early build

Shaun Prescott

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