Forget Battlefield: Hardline, everyone should play Team Fortress 2 instead

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Sorry, Battlefield: Hardline, it's nothing personal. Your cops and robbers CTF battles have the subtlety of a playground pile-on, but I've managed to extract a few moments of fun from the chaos. I like the violent, bass fart of your P-90, as I did in Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 3. And I like the way you use the Frostbite engine to fill the air with floaty bits of burning chaff even though I have no idea where it all comes from. The problem is the competition. There's just so much more laughter and joy to be had in a seven year old free game called Team Fortress 2.

Visceral on why Battlefield Hardline feels so similar to BF4: "Because it's a Battlefield game"

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Battlefield Hardline is an odd patchwork of action crime flicks and large-scale Battlefield 4 warfare. I've been playing the closed beta, and though speeding down a freeway in a cop car is a new experience, it feels a lot like BF4—except that seeing a uniformed police officer wielding an RPG is uncanny. A few days before the E3 reveal, I asked Visceral Games VP and GM Steve Papoutsis to explain why, for instance, the cops and criminals have military-grade weapons.

Battlefield Hardline closed beta starts today, sign-ups open now

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Alert: During EA's reveal of Visceral's crime-themed Battlefield Hardline, it also made the surprise announcement that the beta starts today. Right now.

Battlefield Hardline E3 gameplay video: we've played the cops-and-robbers multiplayer

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Shortly before E3, both Evan and Tyler played Battlefield Hardline, Visceral's new law enforcement vs. criminals take on the traditionally war-themed Battlefield series. As Evan expresses in his preview, we're concerned that Hardline multiplayer (EA isn't showing single-player yet) feels too Battlefield-ey to really express the asymmetrical nature of heists. It's certainly fun in the way Battlefield 4 is fun: see it for yourself as Evan and Tyler discuss their thoughts over gameplay footage Tyler captured during his play session.

Battlefield Hardline release date revealed in first trailer

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With under a week to go before its E3 announcement, and after a few leaks (including this trailer earlier today), EA has officially released the first trailer for Battlefield Hardline. Instead of Battlefield's usual war theme, Hardline is about "the battle between cops and criminals," and Dead Space developer Visceral Games is on the job. According to the trailer, it'll be out October 21st.

Just Cause developer nearly landed deal to develop an open-world Star Wars game

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Following yesterday's news that studios like DICE and Visceral would be working on new Star Wars games under EA's new exclusive deal with Disney, we've been wondering just what those games might look like. A cinematic shooter of nonstop action set in the parched, gritty landscape of Tatooine, maybe? Or how about the series reinterpreted as a survival horror? Apparently, one very real possibility was an open-world Star Wars game, as revealed today in an exchange by former Just Cause developers from Avalanche.

Disney and EA teaming up to make use of the Star Wars licence

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Things got a little scary after Disney bought out LucasFilm last year, acquiring the rights to all of LucasArts' games before shutting down the studio for good. What would become of classics like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Knights of the Old Republic? Well, we've got our first development—the House of Mouse has signed a deal with EA to develop and publish games based on the Star Wars licence.

Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC coming in March

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Leaving no vacuum between the game's release and the first DLC plug, EA and Visceral announced today that Dead Space 3 Awakened will release on Origin next month for $10. There are no other details on the DLC except Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis' tease that we'll experience "some of the most disturbing content" we've ever seen in a Dead Space game. As it already sounds like an ESRB descriptor, we'll tentatively define "disturbing content" as Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong Language, and possibly Sudden Decapitation.

Dead Space 2 launch trailer released

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Dead Space 2 isn't out until January 25th, but somehow the launch trailer is so exciting that it's managed to travel back in time. You'll find explosions, aliens and exploding aliens in the video, embedded below.

Dead Space trailer takes us into the Sprawl

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Dead Space 2 is a few weeks away, but we still don't know much about the huge space city in which it takes place. Fortunately, the latest Dead Space 2 gives us a tour of the haunted metropolis known as the Sprawl, which comes complete with suspicious bloodstains, flaming train cars and mad scrawls on the ceilings. And to think it used to be such a nice neighbourhood. The video is posted below.

Dead Space 2 trailer shows new Isaac, "his mind is not quite right"

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The horrors of the first Dead Space game have changed Isaac. He has a face, for a start, and he'll be doing a lot more talking in the horror sequel, which again pits the universe's unluckiest engineer against the Necromorph menace. The latest video details how Isaac has changed as a character, and shows off some of the huge zero gravity zones. You'll find the trailer below.

Dead Space devs to make C&C action game

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[Update: It seems we misinterpreted the interview, and the new C&C game is actually under development by EALA, and not Viseral Games. EALA are the studio responsible for other recent Command & Conquer games.]

The creators of the space-ship horror game and limb amputation sim, Dead Space, have revealed that they're working on a Command & Conquer game.